Downfalls of dating a married woman

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Ironically, even if you are normally not a needy or a clingy lover, the more you like someone the more likely you are to behave clingy and needy, as you will likely be afraid to lose that very special person that you know is so hard to meet and attract.

The reason that being needy and clingy is so unattractive is obvious: first, it makes the other person take you for granted and not see any value in you.

Taking this trope to its extreme can result in Pity Sex. When she says get together she means in the You wear the crème fraiche, Ill lick it off sense.

Shes cleared her schedule from seven till seven-thirty, that means foreplay AND cuddling!

It simply means that you should not abandon your plans and goals on the account of your relationship as the above should complement each other rather than be each other’s obstacles.

A great relationship should motivate you to study and work hard, and a great job / school program would turn you into a more interesting and successful person, who is more attractive to the opposite sex in general and to your partner specifically.

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