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’There was no reference, of course, to Britain’s spiralling under-age sex problem, or the fact that the UK has the highest rate of teenage births in Western Europe.

The sexual disease chlamydia is now so dangerously common that Boots is planning to sell £25 testing kits.

But if this is a depressing portrait of the sex lives of teenagers today, has anyone calculated the psychological damage of laying bare their lives before a television audience?

Craig Chatwin, now 17, and — surprisingly given the nature of the show — the son of a maths teacher and a professor of engineering, is filmed disappearing upstairs to his bedroom with his girlfriend Chloe.

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The desire to know which of the ‘contestants’ will lose their virginity and which won’t is clearly seen as part of the draw for audiences.:) December 7, 2017 Lindsay Lohan had an interesting discussion last night with this cable reality star. Apparently there is a recent client that the cable reality star snagged that Lindsay really wanted for herself.If they had been at any other location, I have no doubt they would have had more than just words for each other.But I think my attitude to sex is responsible — some girls I know, had sexin their teens, got pregnant and had children.Many of them didn’t evenfinish school, which is sad.

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