Lesbian dating culture

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There’s a stereotype that lesbians are cheap.” the latter.

Just like gay media spaces, physical gay spaces that claim no gender affiliation still almost always skew heavily male, and women-centered spaces are vanishing faster than we can mourn them.

“They had no idea how much this site means to people,” in part because their other sites focus on “fashion and beauty and dogs—they’re not about something people need so badly.” to a storage locker for old content is a major loss for a lesbian culture that’s desperately grasping for air as its physical and virtual spaces dissolve, one by one, into the void. But, you know, everything in moderation.) ’s advertising woes.

In a new media that houses more queer voices than ever, publications and verticals purportedly dedicated to LGBTQ stories still often default to subjects that apply and appeal to gay men: gay male celebrities, gay male cultural icons, men’s fashion, and shirtless dudes. “After Ellen was competing with LGBT outlets or verticals that included men.

But Bendix confirms that there are no writers or editors left on full- or part-time staff, and the company has put forth no plan for how the site will continue to function.

Right now, publishes six to 11 posts a day, five days a week.

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