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He emphasized that by reaching out to the community of laborers, church leaders hope to “empower the workers and teach them how to empower themselves.” Garde, who retired and moved to Kansas after Grace Episcopal closed, said she was pleased the church is being put to new use.

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Lawton is home to many of those who have or are currently serving in our military, some who operate out of Fort Sill, and who are married.

It does not mean that a couple is legally divorced (meaning they cannot remarry), though both parties involved in a legal separation will need to obtain a judgement on the same issues you would deal with in a divorce (i.e. Whether you are an active member in the military, or a civilian, the family law attorneys at the Rick Dane Moore and Associations Law Firm, PLLC are here to help.

We have provided guidance and counsel to numerous spouses in the Oklahoma City Area.

They typically want to see how they will handle living apart, or they may want to seek counselling to see if they can salvage their marriage.

When it becomes clear that both spouses would prefer to be separated rather than live together, they can enter into what is known as a “separation agreement”.

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