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She had her arms around my waist then immediately brought them around to rub my now hard cock through my pants.

She whispered to me "lets go back to my place", and I jumped in the passanger seat.

She must have sensed me looking cause she turned around and smiled. We walked to her car and I opened her door for her.

Before getting in she said she had a great time and grabbed me to hug me. As she started pulling away she stopped and looked at me.

With no question she slid her cock out the side of her panties so I could suck it.

After removing her fingers i felt her slide her love inside of me.

After a while of fucking my face she told me to get undressed.

I did as I was told and she reached for me to kiss her while our cocks rubbed together.

Without hesitation she kissed me passionately and pressed herself closer to me.

Not long after I found myself rubbing her ass and french kissing her.

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