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I decided to move here just 2 months after I graduated from the University of Wisconsin, when my friend told me about the job opportunity. *Please note that every public school job slightly varies from one another depending on how strict your principal and faculty members are.

I immediately applied for it and was accepted the following week without much thought. Some schools will give you extra classes to teach, some will let you have more vacation days, and some will make you do more lesson planning.

I always knew that I wanted to travel around Asia, and this job was the perfect gateway to make my dreams come true. It’s sort of luck of the draw, but generally speaking, the main benefits are the same. You are not required to speak any Korean or have any previous teaching experience. I nearly became fluent and it was a huge benefit to my lifestyle in Korea.

Before I dive into any more details, it’s important to be aware of the fact that the Korean government has been cutting teaching jobs like wildfire over the last few years. My experience would not have been the same if I didn’t attempt to learn the Language…

I’ll do my best to keep it updated with accurate information for years down the road. You want to find a job at a public school, unless you want zero vacation time and a lot of pressure on your job.

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I've noticed that Koreans often act very unimpressed when I tell them what I do here.I highly recommend teaching in Korea to anyone and everyone who meet the basic requirements (more about that later). They typically have classes of 5-15 kids, and you will be accompanied by several other foreign teachers at your school.Even beyond the teaching aspect, the in Korea is an eye-opening and fantastic experience in itself. The work load is much larger and the benefits are much worse than public schools. Public schools generally hire only 1 native English speaker to teach at the entire school. They are the ones who are constantly stressing about their lives, complaining everyday about how demanding their schools are and how they have no vacation time.Teaching English in South Korea was the best decision of my life.It’s one of the most adventurous and unique life experiences that anyone can do for themself. Interviews with Current Teachers in Korean) are privately owned and managed academies.

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