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Jackson explained the song's rationale: "There's a hundred artists on that label, you gotta separate yourself from that group and make yourself relevant".

He later began pursuing a musical career and in 2000 he produced Power of the Dollar for Columbia Records, but days before the planned release he was shot nine times and the album was never released.After using a walker for six weeks, Jackson was fully recovered after five months. With business partner Sha Money XL, Jackson recorded over thirty songs for mixtapes to build a reputation.When he left the hospital he stayed in the Poconos with his girlfriend and son, and his workout regime helped him develop a muscular physique. In a Hit Quarters interview, Marc Labelle of Shady Records A&R said that Jackson used the mixtape circuit to his advantage: "He took all the hottest beats from every artist and flipped them with better hooks.Tony Yayo from 50 Cent’s G-Unit has recently opened up about P Diddycomparing Notorious B. 50, Jay, Diddy, I got respect for all three of them because once you make it to Forbes, you're solidified. He said on the Forbes DVD: "I feel like when a n*gga gets to Forbes, a lot of sh*t he says is not wrong.

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