Xp stopped updating

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And, if you are an IT professional who serves in a decision-making capacity with an organization that continues to use XP or Windows Server 2003 and SQL Server 2005, you should be fired.

You should never be allowed to work in the computer industry again.

You're angry you need to update software continuously.

A handful of you even suggested inflicting bodily harm on the hard-working programmers that write the software you don't want to upgrade to.

Look, I have brought up many reasons why upgrades are necessary.

As my friend from Jersey, Johnny T., likes to say, "You gotta do it."It doesn't matter how many times I techsplain this, because some folks will always refuse to listen.

It took 10 minutes to format the drive and install it with a USB stick.My best recommendation to you is to stop using Windows XP entirely, especially if your XP computer is connected to the internet.Simply finding an alternative anti-virus to run on Windows XP can only be considered a stop-gap, as the updates will not continue indefinitely.You should not be allowed to touch a computer again either because you too are a menace. But over the weekend, the internet got hit with a massive cryptoware malware attack that compromised untold numbers of Windows XP systems, including the UK's National Health Service, which was warned years ago that it was open to exactly the kind of life-jeopardizing malware attack it is now dealing with. The good, the bad, and the target users | Ransomware attack: The second wave is coming, so get ready now | It's the year of Linux on the Windows desktop | Why patching Windows XP forever won't stop the next Wanna Crypt (Tech Republic)The entire industry was warned.You are perpetuating the computer software equivalent of polio and smallpox. Years earlier, in 2014, XP was issued its final end-of-life notice by Microsoft.

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